Ever See A Wrap That Was Peeling Or Bubbling?

Have you ever seen a bad vehicle wrap? Not just a bad design, but one that was peeling or bubbling or fading? Most wrap companies have employees that are not qualified to install their own products. They think by buying the equipment they are in business. It’s not that simple, a vehicle wrap is a work of craftsmanship that takes a long time to get right. A huge benefit to a vehicle wrap is the longevity of the campaign. Pay once and your advertising should be getting you new customers while you go about your day. If a vehicle wrap is not properly installed, you may not get the benefit of time that you should out of your vehicle wrap. Make sure your vehicle wrap company is certified to install the product they are selling you.
Arizona Color Vehicle Wraps is a 3M Certified wrap shop and members of the UASG. Established in 1999 by leaders in the graphic & wrap installation community, the UASG distinguished itself as being the first organization of its kind to require companies to meet a varied criteria to become members. The criteria include a high level of professionalism, a proven track record, and a high level of hands-on installation skill. The screening process, by which companies are evaluated, was developed to give a fair and accurate assessment and eliminate any personal bias that might exist.
UASG has successfully worked to raise the “bar” for wrap installers so that the true professionals can identify themselves to the rest of the industry. Rest assured that companies that qualify and become certified adhere to the highest standards and abide by a code of ethics.

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